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Criminal Defense

Our Attorneys Protect the Rights of the Accused

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Being charged with a crime is always a serious situation, whether it's a felony or a misdemeanor. If you've never been in legal trouble before, you could be left with a criminal record. If you are a repeat offender, you could face harsh penalties. Everyone deserves to have their rights protected. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Lourie Law Firmprovide an aggressive defense for clients charged with a crime in Columbia, SC.

A conviction can have serious and lasting consequences. Jail time. Fines. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to get a job, and even more difficult to advance in your career. It affects your ability to get a loan. If you're in college, it can get you expelled and ruin your plans for the future. A criminal conviction can damage your reputation and your relationships.

Some of the criminal cases we handle include:

We work hard to challenge the charges against you. Even if we can't get the charges dismissed, we may be able to get them reduced. This can make a big difference in terms of how much the charges affect your life.

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Driving Under Suspension

You've been pulled over and a police officer asks to see your license. But there's one problem; your driving privileges have been suspended. This scenario is actually fairly common in South Carolina. But it's something the state takes very seriously. The penalty for driving with a suspended license can range from fines to jail time.

In many cases, people don't know that their license has been suspended. Some forgot to pay a traffic ticket. Others have a record of speeding and moving violations that racked up points on their driving records. Some forgot to update their address after moving.

These cases are fairly routine, and we can usually help you get your license reinstated. This often involves addressing the issues that led to the suspension in the first place. For example, paying outstanding tickets, and addressing previous charges to lower the number of points on your driving record. It's also important to stop driving until you get your driving privileges back.

Drug Charges

Some drug offenses are considered relatively minor, such as marijuana possession. Others are considered more serious crimes, such as possession with intent to distribute, manufacturing and trafficking. They can involve cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs and other narcotics.

Drug offenses can have serious consequences. Penalties could include years in prison and thousands in fines. A conviction could get your fired from a job and affect your family. If you're a college student at USC or another area school, a drug offense could get you expelled and have a huge impact on your future.

Every case is different, but you can expect a vigorous defense from our attorneys. We understand how a drug conviction can change your life. If it's your first offense, we will try to keep the charge off your record. We will fight to minimize the effects of the charge and help you keep your life on track.

DUI Defense

In South Carolina, a driver is considered to be under the influence when he or she has a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or above. This limit is even lower for commercial drivers and people under the age of 21. It is usually a misdemeanor. But it can be a felony if you had several prior DUI convictions or if a drunk driving accident results in serious injury, death or extensive property damage.

In South Carolina, there are mandatory minimum jail sentences for DUI convictions. You can also face fines, license suspension or revocation, mandatory attendance at DUI classes, community service and probation. A DUI can also affect your job, your reputation and your relationships. Your auto insurance premiums can skyrocket. If you're a student at the University of South Carolina or another school in the area, you could be expelled. And a DUI conviction will stay on your record for life.

If you've been arrested for DUI, call an attorney as soon as possible. We will fight to minimize the impact of the arrest on your life and on your driving record, as much as possible.

White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are nonviolent offenses usually committed in business situations for financial gain. Examples include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and tax evasion. But it's not unusual for executives and employees to be unaware they were participating in a white collar crime.

South Carolina has very harsh penalties for these types of crimes. Many white collar crimes are felonies that can bring a long prison sentence and substantial fines. You may also have to pay restitution, forfeit assets and be subject to home detention. A conviction also leaves you with a criminal record. It can affect your reputation, your relationships and your ability to get another job.

If you are facing charges for a white collar crime, our attorneys will fight for your rights. We'll help you understand your options and work with you on a legal strategy. We'll do everything we can to reduce the effect the charges have on your life.