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Hand and wrist injuries

We fight for workers hurt on the job

No matter what type of work they do, workers rely on their hands to get the job done. So it's no surprise that hand and wrist injuries are common in the workplace. These injuries can leave an employee unable to continue working for some time. Injured workers need someone who will fight for their rights. The hand and wrist injury lawyers at Lourie Law Firmcan help.

Many jobs involve working with tools, industrial machines or vehicles. When there's an accident, a worker's fingers, hand or wrist can be:

  • cut
  • burned
  • crushed
  • mangled
  • amputated

Some workers face a higher risk of a hand or wrist injury. These include construction workers, factory workers, meatpacking workers, mechanics and food production workers. But a hand or wrist injury can occur at any type of job. It can be caused when a worker slips, then holds out a hand to break the fall. Workers can also suffer from repetitive stress injuries.

The hand and wrist consists of 27 bones, and many tendons, ligaments and nerves. Even minor injuries can result in pain, weakness and loss of mobility. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may take some time for the injury to heal. Treatment can involve medication, surgery, physical and occupational therapy. In cases of amputation, a prosthetic hand may be needed.

A hand or wrist injury can be especially debilitating, as we use our hands every day for a variety of tasks. If your injury occurred at the workplace, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. These are designed to cover the costs of medical expenses and compensate for lost wages. But claiming benefits is not always a simple process. That's why you need an experienced attorney in your corner.

Experienced attorneys who are in your corner

The Lourie Law Firm fights for the rights of injured workers. Our attorneys know the workers' compensation laws in South Carolina and how to build a strong case. And we know that employers and their insurance carriers sometimes try to challenge injury claims to avoid paying benefits. That's why we stand by you every step of the way in the claims process.We'll make sure you file all the proper paperwork and meet all filing deadlines. We'll help you find the evidence that supports your claim that an injury. This includes reviewing all relevant documents and talking to witnesses.

You are required to undergo an exam with a doctor chosen by your employer or their insurance carrier. We'll help you prepare for the exam so you know what to expect. If necessary, we'll arrange for a second opinion with a doctor of our choosing.

If your claim is denied, we will fight for you at all hearings and appeals. Our goal is to get you the benefits you need and deserve so you can focus on recovering from your injury.

We offer the personal attention of a small law firm with the resources and full service of a much larger firm. If you've suffered a hand or wrist injury, learn more about how we can help you. Contact us for a free consultation.