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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in South Carolina

We stand up for the rights of motorcyclists

Motorcycles are popular in South Carolina, and there are tens of thousands of bikes on the road. But when accidents happen, they can cause very serious injuries. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Lourie Law Firm hold negligent parties responsible and fight to get financial compensation for victims.

Many times after a motorcycle accident, drivers will say they didn't see the motorcycle. The truth is that they didn't look. Some drivers don't think of motorcycles as other vehicles they need to be alert for at all times. Instead, they think of motorcycles as nuisances they have to put up with once in a while. This creates a dangerous situation and can lead to many different types of accidents.

What happened with your crash?

Motorcyclists don't have much protection when they are hit by a car or truck. The injuries from a motorcycle accident can be quite serious. Broken bones are common. So is road rash-multiple cuts and bruises from being dragged on the road. Some motorcyclists suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can cause memory problems and changes in personality. Others suffer spinal cord injuries that can cause permanent disability.

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be a long and expensive process. It may involve hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy and home modifications. Medical bills can add up fast and you may be unable to work.

After a motorcycle crash, we have the experience and resources to get you results

Our attorneys stand up for the rights of motorcyclists. We fight to hold the negligent driver responsible and help you seek compensation for your injuries. This can include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering and other damages.

The Lourie Law Firm has been representing people injured in accidents since 1956. We offer the personal interaction of a small firm, but the resources of a much larger firm. Our attorneys stay focused on resolving your case in a way that meets your needs. And we know how to build cases that get results. Many times, we are able to negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company without going to court.

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today. Talking with a lawyer sooner rather than later gives you a better chance of recovering damages. Let's get started on your case. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

"A car turned in front of me."

This is a common type of motorcycle accident. A car makes a left turn-directly into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The driver was distracted, drunk or just didn't think to look to make sure a motorcycle wasn't coming. This negligence can lead to serious injuries for the motorcyclist. It's another example of how drivers tend to ignore motorcycles on the road. An experienced attorney can hold negligent drivers responsible.

"My bike was rear-ended by a distracted driver."

Many attentive drivers are bad enough about watching for motorcycles on the road. But when they are distracted, they can easily cause a crash that leads to injury. A distracted driver isn't paying attention to the road. That driver is texting, or talking on the phone, or eating. That driver doesn't see the motorcyclist right in front until hitting the motorcycle. Distracted driving is negligence - and it can get motorcyclists seriously hurt or killed.

"I hit an illegally parked car."

Operators of all vehicles on the road are responsible for trying to avoid a collision. But some cases are more complicated. For example, a motorcyclist takes a right turn onto a busy city street and encounters a car that is double parked, leaving no space to safely avoid hitting the car and no time to stop. While not common, these types of accidents do occur and can cause serious injuries. A lawyer can go over your options.

"My bike was forced off the road."

A driver of a car or truck moves into the right lane. The driver either doesn't see the motorcycle, or misjudges how fast the bike is going. The motorcyclist is forced to take evasive action and runs off the road, falling down and suffering injuries. Or the motorcyclist hits a guardrail is thrown off the bike. Even though no contact was made with the car, the driver was clearly negligent - and can be held responsible with an attorney's help.

"I lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident."

A motorcycle accident can cause very serious injuries, and some of them can be fatal. If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident caused by someone's negligence, you may be able to seek damages through a wrongful death suit. Our experienced legal team will conduct an investigation of the accident and look for evidence of negligence. Our attorneys will guide you through the process to help you seek justice for your loved one.