Workers’ Compensation

In theory, South Carolina’s no-fault workers’ compensation system is easy. A worker who’s injured on the job files a claim. It doesn’t matter if the worker or the company was responsible or if everyone followed all the safety rules. The worker is entitled to medical treatment, a portion of their weekly wages, and compensation for permanent disability.

In reality, it’s far more complicated than that. The workers’ compensation carrier is interested in keeping payouts as low as possible. That means that, at times, workers are denied medical care and wage reimbursement to which they’re entitled.

Sure, you can file a workers’ compensation claim on your own. But it helps to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney to stand by you in case things take a turn. At Lourie Law Firm, our workers’ comp lawyers have decades of experience in helping workers like you get the financial support they need and are entitled to.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers have helped employees in a number of industries, including:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Warehouse
  • Trucking & Delivery
  • Manufacturing
  • Meatpacking
  • Food Production
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • And more

We’re helped workers in labor-intensive occupations who have suffered back and shoulder injuries, and we’ve assisted office workers with repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

First responders such as firefighters, EMTs and police officers come to us with claims for injuries. Workers who have experienced sudden injuries – spinal, brain or knee injuries after falls – also have relied on us to help them get what they need to recovery.

No matter the industry or the type of injury, Lourie Law Firm’s workers’ compensation lawyers take the same approach to every case. We can help you file the initial claim and continue to represent you on through appeals and hearings if the company tries to contend the injury wasn’t work-related.

We carefully document all financial aspects of the claim, from medical co-pays to mileage driving to medical appointments to wage benefits while you’re off work.

We will fight to get you what you need to recovery, both financially and physically. Get started today – the initial consultation is free.