Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Seniors deserve to be treated with respect and proper care. Sometimes, if the level of care needed is beyond what family members can offer, we turn to nursing homes. Unfortunately, some facilities violate the trust we’ve placed in them. Situations of nursing home abuse and neglect are tragic but often occur.

When that happens, the Lourie Law Firm stands ready to help. Our attorneys have represented clients in many nursing home abuse and neglect cases. We are committed to helping South Carolina families recover financially in these devastating situations, and we are determined to hold nursing homes and care facilities accountable.

Nursing home neglect occurs when a facility fails to give residents proper care, such as:

  • Allowing a resident to become malnourished or dehydrated
  • Failure to prevent falls
  • Failure to provide medication
  • Not properly bathing and grooming residents
  • Failing to change soiled bedding
  • Failure to move a bedridden resident, allowing bedsores to develop
  • Delayed medical treatment

Nursing home abuse – intentionally inflicting a physical or psychological injury – can include:

  • Hitting, pushing or shoving
  • Shaking
  • Scratching
  • Burning (for example, with a cigarette)
  • Yelling, shouting or screaming
  • Insulting or ridiculing
  • Threatening harm
  • Isolating a resident from social activities or friends
  • Stealing money
  • Sexual assault

We begin by investigating for negligence, reviewing medical records, documents and reports. We’ll talk to witnesses, though often care facility residents are too scared to come forward or they might have difficulty recalling. After we determine that a staff member was responsible for the injury, we’ll continue to investigate to determine why management failed to act.

All of that’s a part of establishing negligence. Once that happens, we’ll relentlessly pursue compensation for your loved one’s medical expenses, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

If your loved one has been abused or neglected at a nursing home or care facility, contact Lourie Law Firm for a free consultation. Our skilled personal injury lawyers are eager to help right this shameful wrong.