Extreme Heat Impacts Workers in South Carolina

In data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Carolina reported the second-highest rate of non-fatal occupational injuries due to environmental heat exposure. These statistics, collected in 2015, prove that extreme heat can have devastating impacts on our workers. South Carolina Heat-Related Work Injury Rate Substantial South Carolina had a rate of 1 […]

Vocational Rehabilitation

Helping you get your life back on track Workplace accidents are very common. In the best outcomes, an injured employee collects workers’ compensation benefits while he or she makes a full recovery, then returns to work. But sometimes, an injury prevents someone from being able to return to the same job. They may need vocational […]

What to do if Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied

In most cases, a worker injured on the job in South Carolina has the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits provide compensation for medical expenses and lost wages related to the injury. But there is a process that needs to be followed, and an employer can still contest the claim. […]

Preparing for a Medical Evaluation

Lourie Law Firm gets results for injured workers When people are injured in a workplace accident, a specific process must be followed before that worker can receive benefits. Part of that process is an independent medical exam. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Lourie Law Firm can help injured workers. Preparing for a medical evaluation […]

Third Party Workplace Claims

What do I do if I was injured at work by a third party? You’ve been injured in a workplace accident. But what if a third party’s negligence was responsible for your injury? You may be able to seek compensation from that party. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Lourie Law Firm can help you take […]

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

You’ve been hurt in a workplace accident. You’ve been taken to the hospital to get medical treatment. You’re recovering from your injury and may not be able to return to work, at least not right away. Now what? What are the steps to filing a workers’ compensation claim? The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Lourie […]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Explained

Hurt at work? You may be entitled to these benefits. Our law firm fights for injured workers You’ve been hurt in the workplace, and as a result you can’t work at all. How will you support your family and pay the bills? South Carolina’s workers’ compensation program is set up to pay benefits to workers […]

Insurance Companies + Auto Insurance

Handling Insurance Companies After Auto Accidents Our attorneys fight to get you fair compensation You’ve been hurt in an auto accident and you’ve made a claim with the insurance company. They’re supposed to be fair and give you the compensation you deserve. But the experienced auto accident attorneys at Lourie Law Firm know it’s usually […]

How Does Car Accident Compensation Work in South Carolina

Getting in a car accident is an experience that everyone hopes to avoid, but they happen every day. We all know what that fateful moment brings – stress, bills, paperwork and arguments with insurance companies and negligent drivers. When an auto accident happens, what happens to you? The Lourie Law Firm can help you achieve […]

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

What your insurance covers can vary widely depending on what type of coverage you have. While each package is individualized, all insurance carriers are obligated to offer a multitude of options you can choose from during the purchasing process. In South Carolina, you are required by law to have a certain amount of liability coverage. […]